Marie Delavergne is a PhD candidate at Inria (France). She received a Master in software architecture from the University of Nantes in France, in 2018. Her research interests are massively distributed cloud computing infrastructures for Edge computing. She is one of the main developer of Cheops.

Geo Johns Antony is a PhD candidate at Inria (France). He received his Master in computer science and engineering with specialization in big data analytics from Vellore Institute of technologies (India) in 2020. His research fields include Distributed computing for Cloud and Edge systems, frameworks and applications. His current work is on the concept of generalizing the geo-distribution of resources in Cloud and Edge systems. His work is part of the Cheops project, to which he is one of the main contributors.

Adrien Lebre is a full professor at IMT Atlantique (France), head of the STACK research group, and PI of the Open Science Discovery Initiative. He holds a Ph.D. from Grenoble Institute of Technologies and a habilitation from University of Nantes. His activities focus on large-scale distributed systems, their design, compositional properties and efficient implementation. Since 2015, his activities have been mainly focusing on the Edge Computing paradigm, in particular in the OpenStack ecosystem.

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