In the following is the list of accepted workshops to ICSOC 2022. For more details on each workshop, please follow the links which will take you to their websites providing more information. The list is provided in no specific order.

ASOCA “6th Workshop on Adaptive Service-oriented and Cloud Applications”

  • Organizers:
    • Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez – ReDCAD, University of Sfax, Tunisia
    • Nesrine Khabou – ReDCAD, University of Sfax, Tunisia
    • Khalil Drira – LAAS-CNRS, Univ. Toulouse, France

AI-PA 2022 The 3rd International Workshop on AI-enabled Process Automation

  • Organizers:
    • Prof. Amin Beheshti (Full Professor of Data Science and Director of AIP Research Centre, Macquarie University, Australia)
    • Prof. Boualem Benatallah (Full Professor of Computer Science, School of Computing, Dublin City University, Ireland)
    • Prof. Hamid Motahari (Founder and CEO, UpBrains AI Inc., USA; and Honorary Professor at Macquarie University, Australia)

International Workshop on Architectures for Future Mobile Computing and Internet of Things (FMCIoT 2022)

  • Organizers:
    • Charif Mahmoudi, Siemens Corp. Technology, NJ, USA
    • Fabrice Mourlin, UPEC University, France
    • Junior Dongo, Aalborg University, Denmark
    • Michele Albano, Aalborg University, Denmark

18th International Workshop on Engineering Service-Oriented Applications and Cloud Services

  • Organizers:
    • Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
    • George Feuerlicht, Unicorn University, Czech Republic
    • Christian Zirpins, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Andreas S. Andreou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
    • Winfried Lamersdorf, University of Hamburg, Germany
    • Guadalupe Ortiz Bellot, University of Cadiz, Puerto Real, Spain