The pedestrian city center and the narrow streets make walking around the best option for transport in Seville. Nevertheless, many options exist in case you need to travel longer distances.


Tussam is the company that controls both bus and tram transport in Seville. Both services have the same fares and Tussam Cards can be used for any of them.

Most of their services run from about 6am to 11.30pm, with night buses leaving from the Prado from 12 midnight to 2am.

For a single ride, the fare is of 1.40 euros. In case you need to make intensive use of buses or trams, there is also a Tarjeta Turistica (Tourist Card) valid for 1 and 3 days. You can purchase it at Tussam information stands and you can use it for all buses (except the special ones such as the airport bus service). It costs 5 euros for a 1-day card and 10 euros for a 3-day card. You’ll need to pay 1.5 euros extra that will be refunded if you return the card to a Tussam information stand.

+info about TUSSAM available on their official website (in Spanish)


Metropolitan buses are the public transport per excellence in Seville. The extensive network can get you to any part of the city.

If you are staying at the Nervion Neighborhood, the most reccomended line to get to the venue would be Line 5 or the C1. The reccomended stop is El Prado de San Sebastián


Trams are the only vehicles allowed into the pedestrian area of the city, so they can be useful for moving around the historical center. There is only one line, and the stop Puerta Jerez is just 2 minutes away from the venue.

If you are staying in the Viapol neighborhood (NH Collection, NH Sevilla Viapol, Sevilla Center…) there is a stop at San Bernardo station that can take you all the way to the venue.


In case you are staying near Gran Plaza or Nervión you may prefer to use the Metro Line 1. The nearest stops to the venue are El Prado de San Sebastián and Puerta Jerez.


In case you prefer an individual transport, taxi services are available 24 hours the day. Some apps, like MyTaxi may help you see if there is any available around you. The fares are regulated and vary depending on the length of your travel, the weekday and the time when you require their services (More expensive at late night).

+info about taxis

Uber and Cabify

These are the available VTC services in the city. Their services can be reserved through their apps, just like in many other cities. The estimated fare for an UberX is aproximately of 1.20 per kilometre and 0.10 per minute of travel, which may lead to cheaper services when compared to the taxi.
+info about Uber on their official website
+info about Cabify on their official website


Would you rather choose a green alternative and go biking to the venue? Sevilla has a local bike rental with many parking stations all around the city. In every parking station there is an System Access Terminal where you can get a weekly subscription to the rental, check the map, get information in both spanish and english… Note that a 150 euros deposit that is recovered later is needed in short term subscriptions. The weekly subscription costs 13.33 and with that, the first 30 minutes of biking are free.

+info about Sevici rates


There are two main operating motorbike renting systems: Acciona and Muving. This kind of rental, also known as “motosharing”, let’s you take and leave the motorbike anywhere around the city. The renting is controlled through their mobile apps.


The standard fare is 0.25 euros per minute, but there are passes available in case you know you are gonna use the bike more often. The first 30 minutes are free of charge.

+info about Acciona


The standard fare is 0.25 euros per minute, but there are passes available in case you know you are gonna use the bike more often. The first 15 minutes are free of charge if you use their web discount.

+info about Muving